Monday, April 19, 2010

Odds and Ends

I'm just too tired to do anything too structured with this blog today. Hubby has been home for several days with kidney stones, and, I ask you, is there anything more exhausting that taking care of a sick man? Florence Nightingale has my complete and total admiration...

Here is a photo of the "chop suey" dish that I made the other night, using a bit of leftover pork, half a head of cabbage, a can of bean sprouts, and a few dashes of garlic and soy sauce. Delish--especially served over Japanese rice. Thrifty, and it cleared some leftovers out of the fridge at the same time.

There's nothing more fun than watching seedlings make their debut. The zucchini sprouts are going crazy, and I think that the peppers aren't far behind. Wish I'd labeled these.... all I know is that I'm expecting zucchini, green onions, tomatoes, and peppers. Does anyone know if it's okay to leave these (covered) outside during the day? We're in Montana, and I think the danger of frost is over. I'm really ready to have my laundry room give up moonlighting as a greenhouse....

The promise of spring...I think that these tulips have been blooming every spring at the back gate for decades...Well, I think that's probably all for now. Hopefully things will be back to their normal craziness in the next few days!

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