Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sunshine and Chocolate

Today, I've got homemade spaghetti/zucchini sauce in the kettle on the stove that will go over penne pasta.

Just finished making a "Chocolate Mousse" cake, which I think is essentially a minor souffle. This cake is made of egg whites, folded with dark chocolate, and it is supposed to rise high in the oven (which it did) and fall rather quickly (which it also did.) It is served chilled.

I learned today that you don't need cream of tartar to whip up fluffy, heavenly meringue. Instead, lemon juice substituted in the amount of cream of tartar the recipe calls for, makes even higher peaks, and it's something most cooks have on hand.

And speaking of is my latest painting...a fun study of light, shadows and texture. Like my art professors used to say, there's really no such thing as "pure white" in nature, and upon close observation, one certainly can see all the reflected colors in an egg shell.
Here's to spring! I'm starting to scrub out all the dirt and crud out of our ancient windowsills--that is when I can pry the window open! Unfortunately, I think many of our windows were painted shut a few years ago, and combined with the settling of this quaint little cottage, many of our windows just may be sealed for life. I welcome any suggestions that are accessible even to such tool-impaired folks as myself.

And finally, finally, the rain and chilly weather has ceased enough that I've been able to put my container tomatoes, peppers and zucchini out for a sunshine bath. I could swear that I heard them let out a sigh of joy, as soon as I placed them in the grass...

Talk to you again soon.;)

(Image: "Nestled" Acrylic on Canvas, Cory Jaeger-Kenat, 2010.)

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