Monday, May 14, 2018

After Easter update and some new finds

Easter, with its jellybean colors and fluffy bunnies has passed, and it's now time to create another look for spring, one that will last until I change things out for summer.  I thought I'd take a break from all the discussion of the nitty-gritty practical details of housekeeping and show you what fun I've had with just a few items.

The tablecloth is my Grandma Ellen's--the namesake for this blog-- and probably about 70 years old.  The dishtowel on top of the toaster was one of a set made for me by a dear friend and was featured in a previous post on this blog. And I'm sure that many people out there will recognize the familiar Pioneer woman motif on the pitcher and rolling pin!  Both were Christmas presents from my dear mother-in-law.

One cool thing about being an artist: there is not a shortage of wall art around here! I decided that the new apple piece would really pop with my grandmother's tablecloth, and the other bright artwork is from a series of postcard sized abstracts I did a few years back. I spend so much time at the kitchen sink; I am always dying for pretty things to focus on while I scrub out that last dirty frying pan!

An office chair, found outside by our dumpster. I believe the hydraulics are worn out in it, but we are short people and find the chair quite comfortable. A bit of Lysol and a damp cleaning cloth to spiffy it up, and it is like 'new'. 

A sprig or two of Dollar Store silk lilac updates the formal parlor. 

Hopefully, this year with the gardens we are starting, there will be REAL daffodils on the way. Meanwhile, artificial silk ones suit the bill. The light in our downstairs family room is always strange; sorry about that.

I thought it would be fun to show what I like to do with our bookcases. Someday, I'll take you through a tour of our library. I like to follow the English style, and tuck little meaningful momentoes among the books. A touch of vivid yellow is off-centered by dainty blue 'Asian' vases. The tiny cup and saucer were trinkets bought on a vacation to South Dakota when I was a teen. Boy Scout memorabilia is near hubby's Boy Scout manuals, along with one of many items brought back from his years overseas.

You might notice that I change out the same exact areas seasonally. Just changing out certain focal points makes decorating much simpler!  Having a small cupboard to tuck away a few boxes of seasonal decor helps, too.

 Another find at the same dumpster. I can't really say I'm a 'dumpster diver' per se; but when things like this are literally outside your seems rather providential. I plan to strip this little sweetie, paint it a luscious color that goes with the house, and arrange some brimming pots of flowers around it.

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