Thursday, January 10, 2019

Clean and gleaming for the New Year

Well, it's January. Time to lug out those cardboard boxes from the garage, sweep up all the dusty pine needles from the corners of the living room, and after all is dusted and polished anew, time to showcase all things that gleam and shine...just like the New Year.

I tend to think of winter decorating as 'Christmas-lite'. In other words, it is a combination of holding onto a few traces of crimson richness from the holiday, while displaying all of the silver and blues that tingle and tickle like snowflakes on your nose.

Safe, battery-operated candles look so hopeful and warm on dark winter nights, while a mason jar of silk poinsettias keeps memories of Christmas around just a bit longer. I also use our Christmas dishes until the end of the month. Hubby misses the Christmas decor something fierce, and the dishes help him cope with his holiday 'withdrawal.'

In the upstairs parlor, I am interested in a formal, restrained look. It's fun to bring the snowy season indoors with a few pine cones,a hint of golden ribbon, and a silvery snowflake. I used the same crystal vases from Christmas, simply filling them with green and blue glass balls. 

I want to keep it a bit more warm and casual down in the family room. 

I love all the frills of Christmas, but have to admit that the clean look of the New Year is really calming in the kitchen. 

If you haven't guessed already, I am a bit of an armchair interior decorator, and so there will be more posts about decorating as the seasons change. But I promise there will be more topics tucked in along the way. 

Hoping you keep a candle lit in your heart while we face all the challenges and opportunities waiting in this New Year.

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