Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Some More Frugal Things We Did Recently

"Yet thrift is a genuine virtue and one well worth embracing. It is not romantic and has a private worth, but without it there can be little solid domestic happiness. For thrift is neither selfishness nor cheese-paring, but a large, compassionate attribute, a just regard for God's material gifts. It has nothing in common with meanness and is different from economy, which, although it may assist thrift, is a habit rather than a moral act. "

Phyllis McGinley, poet, author of books for children and women, author of 'Sixpence in Her Shoe' a response to Betty Friedan's book, 'The Feminine Mystique'.  Pulitzer Prize Winner (1961), recipient of twelve honorary degrees, and extremely happy and traditional housewife. 

Thrift is a mindset that grows into many a smart and creative habit.  Here are a few of our most recent penny-pinching accomplishments.

1.)  Making New Creations Out of Leftovers.
 About two cups of leftover meat spaghetti sauce (homemade)
 combined with some beef broth from the freezer,
 a couple of beef bouillon cubes, 
a couple of carrots, 
a couple of celery stalks, 
an onion, 
garlic, salt and pepper to taste 
made a pot of soup that warmed us delightfully through this past snow storm. I'm showing you the last little bowl, because it was nearly gone before I had time to snap a photo. We had this for three lunches and savored every steaming spoonful.

2.)  Freezer Sandwiches
I took three loaves of bread bought at the discount rack of our local bakery. One loaf went into individually wrapped peanut butter and jellies; one was made into lunch-meat chicken and cheese sands, and the other was roast beef and cheese. There are so many videos on youtube on how to make these, so it's good to check there first. However, just a couple of hints: to keep sandwiches from getting soggy, make sure that you put peanut butter on both inside slices of your pb & js, then add jelly, making sure it only touches the peanut butter and not the bread edges. Use a very thin layer of butter for the meat sandwiches, and it's a good idea to blot the lunch meat with a napkin. We have found that artisan breads (we used a brand called 'Naked Bread' ) give a lot more flavor and heartiness to the sandwiches. I think it took about fifteen minutes to do all these sandwiches; I believe it made about 21 total. We enjoyed them as 'fast food' with our soup...yum!

3.) Keep your thermostat at 65 degrees. We often go to 60 degrees at night.
I just can't see the point of letting all those dollars burn up in the furnace when I can easily put on a pair of warm socks, or throw on a sweater. It's also such a cozy experience to snuggle in a warm quilt. Hubby and I find that we both sleep far better when the house is cooler, as well. If we just can't warm up, I will get the oven going and bake us a treat and fill the house with scent and yummy goodness as well.

4.)Being thrifty can also add some zing to your day.
I originally bought a paint sample at the local hardware store in order to paint this dark corner of the laundry room. However the first color did not have the neon zest I was looking for, so I again used what I had and mixed my own paint---from some spare tubes at my easel. No, I wouldn't typically recommend this, but the wall is simply a piece of sheet-rock and so I'm not concerned about the quality of paint. I smile every single time I come down here, and it pretty much cost me nothing.

 5.) Try to find a way to do it yourself.

Letting you know that we bought a nail trimmer for our little sweetie was a perfect excuse to post this adorable picture. I don't think there is any pet jumping at the chance to get their claws clipped, but it saves us some stress taking her to the vet six weeks and the $30 fee. I don't know if this particular one is better than others; we'll just have to see over time.

Happy thrifting, my friends!  Remember little things add up to a lot.

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